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The aim of the English as a Second Language Program at the Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public School is to provide linguistically and culturally diverse students with instruction that will assist them in English language development and in mastering academic subject matter content. We are committed to offering a program which will meet the needs of our English Learners (ELs) both academically and as lifelong citizens of the community. The following are our program goals:

  • To ensure that students whose native language is not English are provided with sufficient direct English language instruction to allow them to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.
  • To provide learners with access to comprehensible instruction in all content areas so that they will be able to reach their full academic potential.
  • To monitor the progress of learners using formal and informal assessment tools to ensure that learners are progressing. 
  • To ensure that all English Learners are provided with equal access to school programs and services including, but not limited to, art, music, physical education, advanced placement programs, extra-curricular activities, Special Education and Title I services and MCAS preparation and support.
  • To encourage the families of our English Learners to participate in the education of their child. 
  • English First Vocabulary Games

  • Duolingo

  • Futaba

  • Fun English by Study Cat

  • ESL Easy Reading

  • Vocabulary Spelling City

  • Sight Words

  • Acceleread

ELL Department

Photograph of Ms. Amelie Tambolleo
Ms. Amelie Tambolleo
ELL Department Head, ACCESS for ELLs Test Coordinator and ACCESS for ELLs District Coordinator
Photograph of Mr. Bruce Rutherford
Mr. Bruce Rutherford
ELL Teacher
Photograph of Lynn Scichilone
Lynn Scichilone
Photograph of Mrs. Lynn Heil
Mrs. Lynn Heil
ELL Teacher