Abby Kelley and GSuite/ Google Apps for Education!

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What is Google Apps for Education?

Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is is a suite of free, web-based programs that includes email, document creation, shared calendars, and collaboration tools, hosted by Google and managed by Abby Kelley.  GAFE will provide the ability for Abby Kelley Foster students in grade 5-12, faculty, and staff to communicate, store files, and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real time from school, work, home, or any place with an internet connection all within a secure “AKF Bubble” online environment.

The following services are included in the system:

  • Drive - Cloud storage for files and documents
  • Docs - Word processing application
  • Sheets - Spreadsheet application
  • Slides - Presentation application
  • Groups - Mailing lists, discussion groups, and broad sharing.
  • More information can be found here:
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Common Questions for Staff

How do I access my AKFCS Google Apps Account?
As a staff member you will gain access to your AKF Google Apps accounts once you have opted-in. At opt-in you will be prompted to set up your Google password which works with your standard AKF email address ( Once this is completed you will use these credentials to log into Google Apps.

Why don’t I have access to the Gmail or Calendar App?
Due to the fact that staff already have through MS Exchange/Outlook we cannot use that same email for Google Apps until the district has fully migrated. This means that you can use most of the applications; however you can only send email through the Gmail application. Any emails you receive in response or in general are sent to your address will always go back to your MS Exchange/Outlook account.

Why can’t I install some of the Google software on my workstation?
Depending on your department and/or school you may have different administrative rights to your computer. If policy in your area does not allow the installation of software (such as the Google Drive Application) then it is not the end of the world. The best part of AKF Google Apps is that everything is at least available through a web interface. This means that to use the most basic functions of the application you do not need to install software. That being said downloading software may enhance the experience of the applications and allow for syncing across multiple devices. This really comes down to the specific policies and procedures set forth by your work area. As the IT dept deploys GAFE, the applications will be installed for you.

Can I log into more than one Google account at the same time?
Google Apps allows you to have multiple accounts logged in at the same time. Once you log into your Gmail account click your user account which is next to the Share button. The option will show up to add an account. When you click on that it will prompt you to log into another account If you do log into multiple accounts at the same time make sure that you use your AKF Google Apps account for work related tasks. This is the only account which protects email and data under contract.

How much cloud storage space do I have on Google Drive?
A normal Google account receives 5GB of storage shared between Gmail and Google Drive. However, with AKF Google Apps for Education account that storage is increased to 30GB which is significantly larger. Keep that in mind for later if you ever want to download or migrate your files.

Why are certain Google Apps not working for me using my AKFCS account?
Core Services are enabled by default when you opt-in for your AKFCS Google Apps account. These services are protected under the district contract and cannot be data mined by any Google service. This means that anything outside of the 6 main services (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Hangouts, Sites, Groups) may not work when signed in with your account. If you would like full access to all the applications that Google offers then you may to agree to a different user level agreement. This is important to note because this may decide what Public applications you would use for work purposes.