Elementary School Staff – 2018-2019 School Year  

Administration                                              Extension                      Email

Mrs. Amy Emma, Elementary Principal                  3618               aemma@akfcs.org

Mrs. Jennifer Giusto, Assistant Principal                 2628                 jgiusto@akfcs.org

Mrs. Amanda Durkin, Executive Assistant              3627               adurkin@akfcs.org

Mrs. Siby Adina, Curriculum Coordinator               3670              sadina@akfcs.org

Mrs. Kelly Gould, Instructional Coach                      3623               kgould@akfcs.org

Ms. Amelie Tambolleo,                                                 3664        atambolleo@akfcs.org

                K-12 ESL Coordinator/K-3 RtI Coordinator





Mrs. Nancy Casperson, Kindergarten IA                      3672        casperson@akfcs.org

Mrs. Michelle Champagne, Kindergarten Teacher   3609      champagne@akfcs.org

Mrs. Ginger Ferraro, Kindergarten IA                            3610            gferraro@akfcs.org

Ms. Susan Jones, Kindergarten IA                                 3668            sjones@akfcs.org

Mrs. Tasha Gosselin, Kindergarten IA                           3613          tgosselin@akfcs.org

Mrs. Lisa Joslyn, Kindergarten Teacher                        3613              ljoslyn@akfcs.org

Miss. Jenna Stansky, Kindergarten Teacher               3610            jstanksy@akfcs.org

Mrs. Jean Keating-Harper, Kindergarten IA               3693   jkeatingharper@akfcs.org

Mrs. Lucy Marcil, Kindergarten Teacher                      3672               lmarcil@akfcs.org

Mrs. Cindy Prest, Kindergarten Teacher                     3668               cprest@akfcs.org

Mrs. Kym Rutkiewicz, Kindergarten IA                        3609        krutkiewicz@akfcs.org

Mrs. Dianne Wasgatt, Kindergarten Teacher            3693           dwasgatt@akfcs.org


First Grade:

Ms. Allyssa Boykin, First Grade Co-Teacher               3652          aboyking@akfcs.org

Ms. Hayley Cunningham, First Grade Teacher         3616    hcunningham@akfcs.org

Ms. Nancy Kennedy, First Grade Teacher                  3663          nkennedy@akfcs.org

Ms. Bao Phan, First Grade IA                                        3616               bphan@akfcs.org

Ms. Chelsea Young, First Grade Teacher                   3697           cyoung@akfcs.org

Ms. Jessica Shepro, First Grade Teacher                   3622             jshepro@akfcs.org

Ms. Megan LaPierre, First Grade Teacher                3652        mlappiere@akfcs.org

Mrs. Kayla Harshaw, First Grade Teacher                 3653        kharshaw@akfcs.org



Second Grade:

Ms. Jackie Stone (Drakulich), Second Grade          2696           jastone@akfcs.org

Mrs. Kristen Chicoine, First Grade Teacher             3678          kchicoine@akfcs.org

Mrs. Orr, Second Grade Teacher                                3606                   lorr@akfcs.org

Ms. Kim Rodriquenz, Second Grade Teacher         3657     krodriquenz@akfcs.org

Mrs. Clare Sullivan, Second Grade Teacher             3628         csullivan@akfcs.org

Ms. Jessica Martunas, Second Grade Teacher       3654         jmartunas@akfcs.org

Mrs. Mary Mansoor, Second Grade IA                      3657      mmansoor@akfcs.org


Third Grade:

Mrs. Lindsay Burns, Third Grade Teacher                 3633              lburns@akfcs.org

Mr. Peter Magerowski, Third Grade Teacher           3607  pmagerowski@akfcs.org

Mrs. Angela Lehy, Third Grade Teacher                    3608            aleahy@akfcs.org

Ms. Kaitlyn Greenwood, Third Grade Teacher         3661   kaitlyngreenwood@akfcs.org

Ms. Hannah LaLancette, Third Grade Teacher        3648      hlalancette@akfcs.org

Ms. Marissa Tenore, Third Grade Teacher                 3621         mtenore@akfcs.org

Mrs. Sally Mansoor, Third Grade IA                             3661      smansoor@akfcs.org




Mrs. Shelby Dame, Computer Teacher                       2670           sdame@akfcs.org

Mr. Scott Daugherty, Music Teacher                           3612    sdaugherty@akfcs.org

Mrs. Sarah Roy, Art Teacher                                           3649              sroy@akfcs.org

Mrs. Joanne Wiggins, Librarian                                   3685         jwiggins@akfcs.org

Mrs. Kendra Warhol, P.E. Teacher                                3624         kwarhol@akfcs.org



Special Education Staff

Ms. Jennifer Derenas, Special Ed. Teacher (Grade 2)   3696      jderenas@akfcs.org

Mrs. Natacha Geneus, Special Ed. Teacher (K-3)          1013      ngeneus@akfcs.org

Mrs. Lori Gamache, Special Ed. Teacher (Grade K-1)    3650    lgamache@akfcs.org

Mrs. Diane Hobbs, Part-Time Special Ed. Teacher       3677        dhobbs@akfcs.org

Mrs. Sarah Kaye, Special Ed. Teacher (Grade 3)            3686          skaye@akfcs.org

Mrs. Deb Martunas, Aide                                                   3633  dmartunas@akfcs.org

Ms. Jessica Neal, Speech Pathologist                             3682           jneal@akfcs.org

Mrs. Jaimie Perchak, Special Ed. IA                                 3686     jperchak@akfcs.org

Mrs. Christine Vautour-Burke, 1-1 Aide                           3686       cburke@akfcs.org


Title I and ESL Staff

Mrs. Erica Cross, Part-Time Title I Teacher                    3654        ecross@akfcs.org

Ms. JoEllen Burlingame, Title I Teacher                        3628  jburlingame@akfcs.org

Ms. Elizabeth Kelly, Title I IA                                             3683          ekelly@akfcs.org

Mr. Bruce Rutherford, ESL Teacher                                3642 brutherford@akfcs.org

Mrs. Kaitlyn Perrin (French), ESL Teacher                    2696       kfrench@akfcs.org

Mrs. Lynn Scichilone, ESL Teacher                                 2677   lscichilone@akfcs.org


Specialists and Support Staff

Mrs. Sophronia Woods, Guidance Counselor                  3647     swoods@akfcs.org

Nurse Melissa Joubert,  Elementary Nurse                     3604    mjoubert@akfcs.org

Mrs. Dely Hippert, Receptionist                                         3699    dhippert@akfcs.org

Mr. Brian Scheeler, IT Support Specialist                         3630  bscheeler@akfcs.org

Mrs. Kate Stockwell, Guidance Counselor                       3688 kstockwell@akfcs.org

Ms. Karen Harrington, Registered Behavior Tech.        3603 kharringinton@akfcs.org 

Mrs. Deb Martunas,                                                               2599     dmartunas@akfcs.org

       Aide and Morning Program Coordinator