Types of Gifts

There are a variety of ways you can support our school and our students.  Here are some of the best ways to make your gift:


  • Cash Gifts - By donating by check, credit card, or with cash, your gift goes immediately to work supporting our students.  No gift is too small, or too large!  All gifts are appreciated and have a positive impact on our students.

  • Matching Gifts - Many employers offer a matching gift program that can double or even triple the impact of an employee's gift.  Check your benefits package or talk with your human resources department to see if your employer will match your giving.

  • Sponsorships - By providing a sponsorship gift, you help defray the cost of an event or program.  For example, becoming a sponsor of our annual Golf Tournament helps pay for the cost of greens fees, room rental, and catering.  This allows the registration fees paid by golfers to go 100% toward the educational foundation.
  • Bequests - By naming the Abby Kelley Foster Educational Foundation as a beneficiary in a will or other estate planning, a donor can have a lasting and meaningful impact on our school and our students.

  • Insurance or Pension Benefits - Naming the Abby Kelley Foster Educational Foundation as a beneficiary of an insurance plan or pension benefit, you can make a positive impact in moving our school forward.

  • Corporate Giving - Companies both large and small make charitable donations to various causes and programs.  Encourage your employer to become a supporter of our school.


There are many other ways to support our school!  Contact us at (508) 854-8400 Ext. 3625 to discuss other ways to financially support our school and it's mission.