Why Support Our School

We often are asked why charitable support is needed when charter schools such as Abby Kelley Foster already receive public funding.  While public funds support our annual operating budget, as with most schools there remains ongoing budget challenges.

While traditional public schools can anticipate reimbursement, sometimes of up to 80% of the cost of a new or renovated building through the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA), charter schools are not permitted to access the MSBA for reimbursement.  When a charter school faces a need to improve or expand its facilities, the school must seek outside resources to fund that project.

In addition to the cost of new facilities, charitable gifts are used to enhance the work of our dedicated faculty.  For example, a great idea may come around for a special field trip to a local museum, but it was not included in our annual budget.  Donors can provide the extra funding needed to make such extra programs happen.

The support of generous donors helps our students in so many ways.  You are invited to join with us in our educational mission.