District Bus Procedures

Students are assigned a bus and bus stop assignments at the beginning of each school year. The District will not allow students to ride on a different bus at anytime during the school year. All students must ride the bus they have been assigned. Any student found in violation of their bus assignment may lose their transportation privileges. If a student changes their address during the school year, please contact your student's school and a new bus and bus stop assignment will be arranged.

Abby Kelley Foster Carter Public School views bus transportation as an extension of the school day and acknowledges that students riding the bus are under the authority of the bus driver. To provide safe and efficient transportation, we need the cooperation of our students and Parents/Guardians. The safety of your student(s) on the bus is a serious matter. Students who engage in any type of misbehavior will be reported to the Bus Supervisors, and this may result in the loss of bus priviledges.  Please review the rules and expectations with your child
as outlined in the Student Handbook.

Bus Stop Procedures

  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for picking up their student(s) at the bus stop each day. The Parents/Guardians may have another responsible party (another adult/older sibling) meet the student(s) at the bus stop.
  • Parents/Guardians should wait for the student on the right side of the bus (where the students exit the bus). Student will not be allowed tocross in front of or behind the bus.
  • Students in Kindergaren through Second Grade will not be left at a bus stop, if a responsible party is not there to meet them. Students in Third and Fourth Grade may walk home from the bus stop if we have received a signed letter from the Parent/Guardian, giving the child permission to walk home without an adult. No letter is required for students in Fifth Grade and higher.
  • Parents/Guardians will be charged a $25 fee (per student) when their student(s) is/are returned to school on the school bus, if there was not a responsible party at the bus stop to meet them. Failure to pay this fee, may reulst in the student's lose of their bus privilege.
  • If a student(s) is/are brought back to school and School Administration can not reach a Parent/Guardian by 5:00 p.m. on a full-day and 2:00 p.m. on a half-day, School Administration will determine that the child has been abandoned and the Worcester Police Department will be notified. As mandated reporters, School Administrators are required to file a form Massachusetts General Law Chapter 119 Section 51A, “Reporting of Suspected Abuse or Neglect of a Child.”
  • Students who are returned to their School more than three times because a responsible party was not at the bus stop to meet the student will lose their bus privileges for the remainder of the school year.

You may direct any questions or concerns to your childs school.