Bus Routes

Map of Elementary School Bus Routes:

 CLICK HERE to view the bus routes

 Instructions:  Once you click on the link to open Google Maps, you will see "ES Bus Routes" in the red box near the top left of the screen, and a map of the Worcester area with numerous colored markers (or pins).  To search for a bus stop near your address, click on the magnifying glass icon next to "ES Bus Routes" in the red box near the top left corner.  Be sure to type in your full address (house number, street, city, state), then press "Enter".  You will see a dot appear on the map next to that address.  Use the "Zoom Out" button in the lower center section of the screen to zoom out and see more of the map.  Continue to zoom out until you can see several different colored markers (or pins) around your address.  Click on the colored marker (or pin) that appears to be closest to your address.  All of the information about that bus stop (stop location, Bus #, and AM, 1/2 day, and PM times) will show up in the column on the left side.  You may also click on individual bus stops on the left hand side to see their specific location on the map.